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Using ha-ha moments to create aha moments.

Every woman in India has her very own crib-list when it comes to the unorganised lingerie market in India - fear of trial room cameras, cramped changing rooms, unsettling shopkeepers, poor variety, lack of knowledgeable sales people and more. But out of habit and fear of change, these ladies continue to bravely go where they don’t feel safe to shop for their underwear. So Zivame, India’s largest online lingerie retailer was looking for a way to let the ladies know there was a whole new way to peruse lingerie without the fear of lingering eyes.

We decided to play the jester and created Bratoons - We tied up with India’s much loved and followed illustrator, Alicia Souza, to create a series of cartoons that turned the cribs about offline shopping into little ha-ha moments meant to get the ladies to re-think the way they shop.