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Once Upon A Road

The world’s first shoppable graphic novel.


BEHIND THE STORY // Roadster’s brand new collection, Freelander,had a brand new fashion catalogue to go with it. The only problem? It was competing against countless other brands within the Myntra universe itself.

Our challenge? Stand out in a sea of sameness.

THE IDEA // We noticed that our audience had a penchant for road trip stories. They loved telling us the adventures they saw on their journeys. Once Upon A Road used this to its advantage.


We started on Twitter by launching India’s first ever people-powered road trip story. 

Over the course of 72 hours, 621 unique authors joined in. We saw 5000+ tweets come together to create a freewheeling adventure.


We didn’t end the exercise there. We turned the story into a graphic novel.

15 illustrated panels brought the adventure to life, which was released on Instagram.


We then released the same graphic novel within the Myntra app - with one small difference. The catalogue was woven into the narrative.

Clicking on any panel redirected first of its kind Shop-in-Shop experience. We worked with the Myntra tech team to create the users to the same outfit the protagonist was wearing. 

Thus, the world’s first shoppable graphic novel was born.


41% engagement rate of . 4 times the average engagement rate.

18000 new fans and followers. In just 15 days.

42 Million relevant users reached. 54 Million impressions on #OnceUponARoad.



Within the Myntra App, we grabbed more eyeballs than our competitors. 1.2x click throughs than Nike’s launch collection. 1.3x clicks than other brand banners in the same slot.

Sold the Freelander collection to our eager fans. 11.8% of brand’s revenue. And introduced it to new ones, too. 31% discovery rate for the brand through the campaign. Among the highest for a brand through a secondary banner.



We curated a social experience that garnered fans who loved the road and stories about it.
We collaborated with our fanbase to create a story they were truly invested in.
We created thumb-stopping content within a shopping platform.
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