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The UnRepeat Man


Summer is high season for Linens in India. And every brand was talking about the ‘L’ word. Reliance Trends had its own story to tell too. - An epic range of linens, so vast that you don’t ever need to repeat. The UnRepeat linen. With a unique product to sell, how could we take the lesser known road toward greater impact? Linen is light, relaxed, comes with an air of cool confidence and is versatile enough to help you breeze through most occasions in style. We needed to showcase all these features including, well, the price. With so many boxes to check off, no conventional solution was going to make the cut. So what would? 


The UnRepeat Man Adventures
- An interactive catalogue using Instagram nested accounts.

We decided to use the world’s most visual platform - Instagram - to take our customers on a journey across the range (and across the galaxy) using nested Instagram accounts.

The Adventures of the UnRepeat Man spanned 10 Instagram accounts linked to one another through profile page tags. 

A Multi-Level user journey

To keep people hooked, it played itself out through a fun experience of quizzes, contests, brotips, style tips and discounts hidden within one multilevel user journey.