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Fittest City BLR

Because flags can’t help but fly.

The need of the hour - launch Zago's range of healthy drinks for those with an active lifestyle. In order to maximise the engagement for our forthcoming campaign, Task One was to get the fitness community rallying for a common cause prior to the launch to set a stage for our idea. We released the perfect bait. #FittestCityBLR. A hashtag with no brand attached that would appeal to the city's collective spirit. Who doesn’t love to brag along about their city!

Once engagement on the brand-free hashtag had reached a considerable mass, we then tactfully hijacked our own hashtag by creating an even larger, culture-sharp hook - We ‘responded’ to #FittestCityBLR with the creation of an event called Bengaluru Human Flag Day.

The challenge was to help the brand own a long-standing visual and emotional mnemonic that epitomised its stand on fitness and health. We were quick to notice that within the fitness circles of the city and the country, a particularly challenging feat seemed to be gaining cult status - The Human Flag. So we seized the moment with the creation of Human Flag Day.

What’s more? We timed Zago’s Bengaluru Human Flag to coincide with Indian Republic Day. As the country raised flags for freedom, we got Zago to help raise human flags for fitness. From the fittest to the littlest, Bengalureans banded together at four major city malls to give the human flag a shot. With a record of 687 perfect human flags in one day, this was the perfect setting to give relevant people not just a taste of the brand, but of the products too.

62,000 minutes of earned
engagement over 43 days

The social coup explained

For a brand that’s very new in the market, and in a category that doesn’t exist, the way we approached our content-sharing strategy was critical. We could have gone with the usual push-model of promoting content and activating key influencers to interact with the brand – it would have gotten us the results, too. But we didn’t. Instead, we simulated a sort of “hashtag hijack”, where the brand latches on to a trending topic smartly and does something so great out of it that the brand begins to own the topic. The way the budgets were spent also indicate that a strategic push helps achieve our results and position the brand as a smart, ear-to-the-ground entity than a run-of-the-mill player.

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