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The Orange Trail

The Brand Backstory
When it came to launching Mast & Harbour, a travel fashion brand, the first task was to position the brand. 


While most other brands out there extoll materialism and possession, we suggested that the brand stand for experientialism instead - Clothes for the growing race of young epicurean seekers of travel eager to cash in their pay cheques not for things, but for the feel of new experiences in new places.

Building an Experiential Brand
When it came to the launch campaign, the need of the hour was to engage not just advertise.


A custom-created mobile experience with a never before attempted user journey starring the phone’s shake functionality.

The experience is a sixteen-film rich video travelogue of a young couple and a pair of specially created digital dice that can be rolled on shaking the phone. One die displays actions, the other displays locations. Viewers get to control which moments of the story would be revealed to them just by shaking their phone and rolling the dice.

From engagement to sales. 

The strategic ploy was that by transforming an ad campaign into an online brand experience, a direct link from ‘check out’ to check-out was created by a one-step link to the Myntra App. The story also served as a catalogue meaning that customers could shop on sight.

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