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Indian Terrain – AW19

Men’s fashion brand Indian Terrain needed an iconic campaign  to kickstart the year.


Brands often speak to their audiences from ivory towers, especially so in the fashion category. This was an opportunity for Indian Terrain to leverage the approachable emotional equity that MS Dhoni has among legions of fans.

The approach was to create a narrative of personal relevance and worth for viewers, with the people’s captain as the perfect example of what an individual can accomplish. Not through swagger, but belief, everyday action and sheer will.


Every nation is built on the shoulders of its doers. We may not even think about it but each one of us, just by living fuller lives and chasing our personal ambitions, contribute to the growth of this nation. Our customers are motivated professionals, people who hope to lead better lives for themselves and their families.

We wanted to validate this optimism in a meaningful way. We used this milestone campaign to celebrate all of these journeys as they play a part in building the Indian dream.


Whenever you button up, the future turns a page.
When you roll up your sleeves, history writes a few more words.
When you build your own life, you grow the world around you.
Be proud of who you are today.
Because the spirit of a nation is built on the spirit of you.

How do you turn a film into a participative asset? Hide clues to a contest within your film. We hid the words ‘The Spirit Of Man’ intertwined between shots in our powerful film that viewers had to pay attention to and submit to win a chance to meet their favourite hero.

We got our brand’s audience watching and rewatching the film for the secret we’d left behind.