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Freshmenu Store

FreshMenu is an online food delivery brand that offers good food from around the world. It’s not surprising that the airport was our first choice for their first physical store; it gave us the perfect platform to talk about global cuisine from far and wide. Did we mention that we put together this new format for the brand in a jet-engine-busting record time of 21 days? 

Just because it went up in record time doesn’t mean we scrimped on personality. The idea was to convey the idea of FreshMenu with a unique global dine-in experience, tell folks what is so special about us… and do it in an immediately visual way, so 70K daily travellers got a whiff of us.

Firstly, the daily-changing menu – a dedicated wall for each dish to be individually designed and displayed on pegs. A tip-of-the-hat to the flexible, hand-prepared menu (and so much more charming than a digital display).

The café counter and lighting, on the other hand, were inspired by the FreshMenu promise of farm fresh ingredients. This dining area itself is designed to let you escape the bustle of the airport into a fresh, vibrant space, lined with white picket fences and greenery.

The entire café experience was designed to transport diners to a special space in their busy lives. A space that would like to be remembered for easy ambience, great vibes, and good food that’s always true to its origin.



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